Saturday, July 21, 2007

that's my boy!

took my little murderah bumbacat, smudge to the vet yesterday. ooooh boy! he was PISSED. i had him in the carrier and he was freakin' tits - snarling, doing that low whiny rumble, and hissing like a madman. i was getting a lot of looks from other clients.

when i finally get into the examination room, the vet comes blithely in, notes the sounds coming from the carrier and asks, "oh, is he scared?" me: "uh no, he's just ANGRY". the vet kind of chuckles and coos at smudge and then tries to get him out of the carrier. it required holding the carrier at a 90 degree angle to dump smudge out. when the vet tried to pet him, smudge attacked him. back claws kicking, teeth bared, hissing, boxing at him with his paws. so the vet goes away for 15 minutes to try to get smudge to "calm down". comes back in, no dice. when he tries to examine him again, smudge goes berserk. it was awesome! so vet goes away and comes back with these thick, leather, elbow-length gloves to hold him. STILL can't do anything. he fought with smudge for a good 10 minutes trying to "tire him out" and eventually had to call in TWO assistants just to give smudge his shots: 2 to hold him down, one to administer the injection.

smudge basically didn't get seen properly by the vet because he wouldn't let them near him but the vet says that any cat that puts up that good of a fight is healthy. that didn't stop mr. schiesty from trying to bring him in for a $500 "teeth-cleaning". i don't know if i'm going to bite on that one. it's a lot of money and smudgie's teeth seem pretty clean to me.

i was simultaneously embarrassed/proud. like when your kid takes a massive vomit ON someone you don't like. it's amazing.

tonight i'm having my male doppelganger and possibly dr. rei over for dinnie. we're having a tomato-basil ricotta tart with a big salad and a new dessert i'm trying: a layered semifreddo. ladyfingers soaked in coffee and rum are layered with a chocolate-hazelnut semifreddo and a sweet cream semifreddo. it's like a frozen cappuccino.


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Chris said...

yes! smudgie rules!!