Sunday, July 15, 2007

that be the stuff, yeah...right there

i got to dance my ass off last night and it felt gooooood...two nights this week (it's a record!) we showed up at around 11:30, the place was EMPTY. i was freaking out and apologising, figuring it was going to be a dud night, what with aaron la crate playing at footwork and all. so we chilled for a bit, and then dougie boom came on. he plays really bad techno. like, REALLY bad. i mean, i don't really go for the seriousness of techno under the best of circumstances, but what dougie boom plays is the WORST. so we went for a brief little walk outside, come back and the place is ram-jiggedy-jammed.

sixtoo came on and laid down some nice stuff - dancey, hard, large bass. then came "the jokers of the scene". i HATE those guys. they place the worst-sounding, clowny s**t ever. but people EAT it up. it's SO BAD. they're lame. so we went for another walk, at this point, the boy went home cuz he wanted to catch the subway and me and the roomie were contemplating it, because we had no idea when tittsworth was going to come on (note to promoters...the headliner should come on BEFORE last call). finally, i was like, you know what? i paid $10 to come out and i've had a few too many lackluster attempts at dancing lately...i'm STAYING, dammit!

and boy, did it pay off. tittsworth was awesome! so many tunes i wanted to hear got played. it was very similar to the two most recent mixes of his that i heard (his mixing skills are insane though...seamless...which is a nice surprise considering other peeps - flosstradamus for one - get bigged up and their skills are novice at best), i'm not sure if tittsworth always plays the same set, or if that's just what he's doing nowadays. either way, me and the roomie were lovin' life...we pretty much stayed to the almost-bitter end and i worked up a good sweat. SCORE!

came home, got a good night's sleep, ate a big breakkie (peameal, over easy eggs, toast, standard sunday morning juice) and now i'm doing some futzing around the house, puttering, prepping dinnie for tomorrow, running errands, then relaxing. we're having dinner with our buddy aaron tonight at harbord fish'n'chips. mmmmmmmmmm. then strawberry mousse pie for dessert. it could've used just a touch more gelatin, but it comes our super light and packs a bright strawberry punch. the recipe is a keeper fo' sho'.


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