Wednesday, July 18, 2007

take THAT, bugaboo stroller crew!

as faithful readers know, i've been on a constant mission for zucchini blossoms for the past month or so. this weekend's planned mission to st. clair was aborted due to inclement weather and the fact that when i called ahead, dude at the store said he didn't have any. last week at riverdale organic farmer's market, i was told i had to come early (i usually meet the boy there at around 5pm when i'm done work). this time, i sent the boy to the market alone. his mission: be there for the start of the market (3pm) to grab 'em while the getting was good. he arrived on the dot, the guy with the blossoms was just setting up and as he unloaded the basket out of the truck, the boy pounced on them, found out how much they were (5 for $1) and started shoveling them into a bag, just as the rich cabbagetown/riverdale moms with their thousand-dollar strollers started to coo and chirp behind him, "ooh, what are those?" "how do you cook them?" etc. i was so proud of him. i'm sorry to sound like a jerk, but when it comes to zucchini blossoms i think they should be allocated on the basis of skill (like communism!).

we had them with a pasta with spicy cured sausage, arugala and grape tomatoes. the zucchini blossoms were FANTASTIC. and i'm already hungering for more.

today i'm meeting my deadbeat dad for lunch and then meeting h and dr. rei after work for ghandis rotis and to check my library co-worker's gallery exhibit.



schmee said...

i don't think i've ever had these magical blossoms. i think zucchini is for the most part kind of boring.. all texture and no substance. how do the blossoms compare in flavour?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

deep fried + any vegetable = heaven.

they're really delicate and gentle tasting. the blossoms have a kind of chewy-crunchy texture (heightened by deep frying) but they're a great vehicle for holding stuff inside.

i highly recommend it...i popped the roomie's blossom cherry too. you should come over for dinnie next tuesday.