Monday, July 16, 2007

sometimes, a picture just says it all...

harbord fish'n'chips was as reliably, earth-shatteringly awesome as ever (my abuse of adverbs knows no bounds!). the batter is so crispy and light that i end up eating more than any mere mortal should. i also can't get enough of "planet earth". it's KILLING ME. how can the earth be so cool? how does earth run t'ings so hard? je ne sais pas.
across from harbord fish and chips there's this wall of kid's graffiti featuring the standard line up of trees, houses, the peace sign, and of course, "wu-tang forever !!" hi-larious. i've been eating there for ages and only noticed it last night. i kept getting the giggles over it.

in other news, i've done a lot of reading lately but haven't had a chance to post my reviews. i'm currently reading edward tufte's "the cognitive style of powerpoint" and it's making me SO SO SO happy, as it's basically a reinforcement of everything i've been saying about powerpoint (albeit in a less vitriolic, more eloquent and persuasive way, minus the liberal dose of slang). i LOATHE powerpoint. i hate it when people reiterate the headings on the screen and i find it makes for (generally) hopelessly banal and uncreative presentations. well, edward tufte agrees! i'm going to quote from it whenever i can this year in school (faculty of information studies professors by and large worship at the altar of powerpoint). there's nothing i love more than being able to to turn to established authorities as backup for my s**t disturbances.

today is my long day. i prepped ahead and made a sri lankan beef curry with rice (which is what the house family is eating). alongside salad and lots of fruits.



dr.rei said...

there's nothing better than a kid writing wu-tang forever in a mural!!!

that's LIFE right there. LIFE RULES!

schmee said...

i love the thugged out poses. one of you should have thrown up the dubya though.

protect ya neck