Tuesday, July 17, 2007

reasons why i love my job

1) my supervisor is bringing me a piece of osso bucco that she made for lunch today
2) see reason #1

me and my supervisor are kindred spirits...we love tripe, bone marrow, zucchini blossoms, baking...the list goes on and on (in case you haven't noticed, the theme of the list is "things karl lagerfeld likes to yam").

in other news, while in the states, i bought a set of jersey sheets (t-shirt material). holy effin eff! how did i live so long without their loving embrace?!?

short post today...celebrity gossip came and bit me in the ass and left me with no time. i register for courses on thursday...eek! and i took on some extra work from that prof i was doing research with before. it's piecework, so i can do it at home on my own time. sweet!

tonight for dinner, if the boy can find zucchini blossoms at the farmer's market, we're having tempura battered, mozzarella, ricotta and basil stuffed zucchini blossoms with squid, chorizo and arugala penne. if there isn't any, i'm making fried rice with pork-stuffed, tempura battered eggplant pockets with sweet chili dipping sauce.


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