Tuesday, July 10, 2007

professional navel-gazing

here is a new york times article entitled "a hipper crowd of shushers" that was featured this past weekend - yet another mass media rumination on how librarians are cool and don't wear buns and cardigans and glasses, etc. etc.

i mean, REALLY. it's beyond annoying. what other profession is so preoccupied with fretting and analyzing themselves? just DO YOUR JOBS, already! the resulting denials and attempts to show how "cool" and "hip" librarians are is even worse. just read the article, i mean, tattoos = cool, does it? and djing = cool? is the whole world in the throes of 9th grade-dictated social organization or something? the back and forth on this issue: "librarians are cool!" "but articles that talk about how we're cool still seem to suggest we're dowdy and repressed!" and the defensiveness on the part of the profession is as bad as discussions on canadian national self-identity. quit navel-gazing and just go out and DO IT! the more you endlessly yammer, the more you come off as whiny, defensive weirdos, in my opinion.

i would like to draw your attention to the one pearl i gleaned from the muckish dreck passing for journalism, and this is: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY HAS LIBRARIANS!!!!! can you say dream job? i've been joking for ages that i'd love to be a pop culture librarian - imagine working for the magazine bible of popular culture?!? *swoon*

i think my supervisor at the public library made a passive-aggressive comment about me not doing my job properly last night. i could have misheard her, but i'm not sure (i had asked to leave two minutes early to try to beat the storm home - i rode my bike). it was something to the effect that yes, i could go, but now SHE would have to be left doing the final closing tidying up of the branch (which i had already done, to the best of my abilities). it was a little weird if she did make the comment for a few reasons: a) she could have just told me to not to leave early, b) she knows we're under-staffed. there are supposed to be two pages at night to tidy up the branch. now that it's summer, the library is busier than ever, and filled mostly with kids, who are notorious mess-hounds. furthermore, i have a 3 hour shift on mondays, 1 hour of which they had me on desk, half an hour they had me scheduled doing another public service assistant job, so that leaves me with an hour and a half for shelving and doing a clean up at the beginning and end of my shift.


tonight for dinner we're having falafels.


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