Saturday, July 28, 2007


the movie, was one of my fav movies as a kid. it's got a stellar ensemble cast and a sprawling multi-generational storyline (i love both those things in combination but i'm more iffy once you add in the x factor of period-piece into the mix). my youngest bro has been living with me for the past month and i've gotten some serious faux-parenting experience.

so far, i feel i've been handling it well.

teenagers-on-the-brink-of-adulthood might just be my forte. they're cogent, lucid (for the most part) and you can reason with them (for the most part). i think most of the credit has to go to my mum and stepdad for putting down a good base, but they raised a good kid so i just have to do some checking-in every now and then. we've had a series of talks lately (the family's been concerned about him dropping the ball on university). i find the rest of my family really prone to stressing unnecessarily and really fear-driven about stuff so it's probably best that i'm the one bridging the gap with the surly teenager, since i'm surprisingly (for all my high-strung, type A personality ways) low-key with the approach (SHOCKING!)

last night i met one of my bro's co-workers, this kid aidan, who was hilarious. he dresses like a sk8r boi, is pants at guitar hero, and ate his FIRST blueberry like, two days ago. he also thought that guacamole was "too crazy" for him. he was polite, so i guess that's the most you can ask of someone.

as they were leaving, i was reduced to shouting "don't drink and drive!" "uhhh...bros before ho's!" at their retreating backs, dip-setting out of my house.

tonight i'm going for dinner at harbord fish'n'chips (yay!)


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