Wednesday, July 11, 2007

on the run...

busy busy busy! non-stop action around these parts, although the roomie forced me to do some yoga on monday when i came home frazzled and irate and set the stage with candles, mint-essence air spray, and non-vocal music and it actually kinda worked. so i did it myself last night and it does help me to unwind a bit (i have a total tendency to get VERY wound). it's very mother earth (aka sarah mclachlan)-y which i have an innate tendency to associate with flakebotness but if it works, it works, i guess.

in other news, we over here have discovered bbc's "planet earth" series and i'm officially obsessed. it's a documentary of footage of the earth with state-of-the-art technology and unprecedented camera techniques. amazing! we saw this leopard that lives in eastern russia, of which there are only FORTY left in the world. and there's this crazy scene of a great white shark chomping on a seal that's depicted in all its slow motion, thrashing, water-droplets-raining down glory. there's also all this fantastic time-lapse business, and if there's one thing i love, it's a well-executed time-lapse. one drawback: it's narrated by david attenborough, who makes it a little stodgier and fussbudgety in that classic british documentary narration way than the footage calls for. he also anthropomorphizes the subjects and infers human qualities into a lot of behaviour that's not necessarily substantiated - making it seem like he's taking narrative liberties.

tonight i'm going to see chromeo with dr. rei. they're a fun, 80s revival-esque kind of band that really commit to their personas. it's going to be douchebag central in there, but what can you do. 

we're having bucatini with pancetta, caramelized onions, black pepper and parm with a big salad tonight for dinnie.



Chris said...

planet earth rules!

the bbc also did this cgi series called "walking with beasts". cgi cause is depicts extinct creatures. its all about the kind of creatures that rules the earth before the dinosaurs. its worth checking out. not as good as planet earth - but very cool, and you learn a lot.

greetings from belgium!

schmee said...

i gotta disagree about attenborough. to me, his voice is the voice for nature shows. coupled with the fact that he's also a totally righteous dude, i'd watch pretty much anything he narrates.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

what else has he done?

to wikipedia!!!

dear chris: we had a message on OUR phone last night for KAROL. ian's all like, "what the hell is that about? why would someone leave a message on our phone for karol? this makes no sense!"

to which i replied: *kisses teeth* "it's probably one of chris' stupid machavellian schemes for RETARDS"

which is really funny if you know you.

Chris said...

ahhhh, i dont know why anyone would leave a message on your phone for karol. if its something important - ian will email me.

and i do know me - and it is funny ;)

and yeah - i agree with schmee - attenborough is a perfect voice.