Thursday, July 05, 2007

mini vacay, hey hey

the vacation recap is going to be spread out over a few posts as my 5 days spent in sleepy, small town, upstate new york left me with too many observations to mull and stories with which to regale. i will say this: i LOVE small towns and i have a very large soft spot in my heart for americana. i don't know why, but canadiana has much less of an effect on me (in my weaker moments, i suspect that this might be related to the relative strengths of the respective nations' regional cuisines, and if that is the adjudicating factor, then i regret to say that i pledge my allegiance to the flag and amber waves of grain).

in related news, this post is a shout out to bob evans, bulk sausage maker and restaurateur, who passed away recently and who is responsible for a product that i hold near and dear to my heart. i have no idea why canadians don't see fit to carry bulk sausage in their grocery stores, but i will say this: american grocery stores (even in teeny tiny little small towns with populations under 10 000) have got us BEAT. the selection! the grandeur! the regional specialities! for a city that's as multi-culti as toronto, why can't i find dulce de leche in my iga? so while i'm busy half-masting my personal flag to great bulk sausage makers recently departed, i will also take a moment to pledge allegiance to wegmann's grocery stores and the exhaustive glory they contain within their brick walls.

finally, here is a picture of a baby wearing freakishly oversized senior citizen sunglasses that's pretty self explanatory.

tonight for dinner, i'm giving my gut a rest by making angel hair pasta with chopped tomatoes, basil, balsamic and olive oil and a large salad.


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