Sunday, July 29, 2007


these are my two favorite non-relatives in the whole, wide, world. i don't have many people i consider friends, but the ones i got, are beyond precious. there's a curious and magical alchemy that happens when the m, the r, and the i get together. it's a bizarre mix of zaniness, wacky hijinks, and non-stop blabbing about all and sundry. last night's episode featured a short jaunt to the annex, which inspired the usual annex-tirade (we hate the annex) that's de rigeur whenever we're in the bloor and bathurst area.

here's a picture of the "wu-tang forever" sign with its' contextual surroundings. i really need to get more pictures developed. it sucks. i have a whole album from our europe trip still to be catalogued and filed away. and i keep accumulating pictures without ever developing them. so now i'm up in the hundreds of dollars of pics to process. yikes! i also need some picture frames to put up around the house. and drapes. i want some drapes, dammit!

today is a lazy day. we did some cleaning, ate a spartan breakfast (i overate like crazy last night) of boiled eggs and toast and i'm going to futz around in the garden and do some errands while the boy does his guitar lessons. i'm celebrating the fact that it's a three paycheque month (!!!!!) with a treat dinner at oyster boy tonight. i LOVE oyster boy, and there's something about the muggy heat of august that cries out for sucking back dozens of cold, crisp, briny shellfish on the half-shell. with a cold beer. i don't drink, but i definitely appreciate the circumstances that are conducive to quaffing cold, alcoholic beverages.


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dr.rei said...

awesome times as usual!!! mmmmm peanut butter clambake.........