Friday, July 06, 2007

look at that form!

well, i played my first-ever 18 holes of golf over the weekend at a course in the town my sister lives in. it was hella cheap! $55 US for two people AND a cart rental! i'd love to be able to say that i played awesome and that i'm a natural, but that would sadly not be the case. i shot 190 on a par 4. however, i AM good at driving a golf cart. my short game sucks balls. and, as you can see, my follow through needs a bit of work. i was feeling rushed and nervous from having people playing behind us and the pressure to play more quickly than at the driving range, where time is on your side. it was still really fun and i'd like to definitely play some more. maybe sniff around on craigslist for some used clubs or sumpin'.

this is a picture from my dinnie at "cracker barrel" which is supposed to be an ye olde tyme country store-style franchise. so you walk in through the "general store" where they sell rockers and miscellaneous americana from the ages (ie. saltwater taffy standing cheek by jowl alongside pez dispensers and the like). the offerings are mostly down-home cooking. i had country fried steak. GENIUS. it's a piece of "steak" (more akin to hamburger or a thinly pounded and tenderized steak cutlet) that's been breaded and deep-fried and is served with a gravy that's so thick and globby, you can stand a spoon up in it. it comes with three sides so i had fried okra, hashbrown casserole (!!!!!!) and mac'n'cheese (!!!!!!!). you'll notice an appealing beige-y palette to the plate with a noticeable lack of items deriving from a fresh, unfried, or vegetal nature (save the okra, which has been aggressively cooked into submission). cracker barrel is AWESOME. but you have to have a deep-seated love for the craptacularly salty, ultra-large-sized and carb-loaded to appreciate it (and if you don't have such a love, even buried deep down in your health-loving soul, you and i are probably not very good friends).

that's a pic of my niece in a rare moment of quiet good humour, and my nephew, whom i dressed up in a spare tutu (thereby breaking my poor outlaw bro's heart). my 3 year old niece is making me question my desire to ever have children. she's a handful. a willful, stubborn, talkative, opinionated little person who can be really funny, but who can also at times be a real whiner. i love her, but i also love being able to give her back.

tonight i'm headed to harbourfront for the "beats, breaks, and culture" festival to see the cinematic orchestra for free! i LOVE free ish! this is what we had for dinner last night. it cooked up pretty quick and was tasty and summery and light. for dinner tonight we're having either shrimp scampi with lots of garlic and chilies, or steamed clams/mussels in white wine and garlic. either way, alongside we're having toasted baguette and salad.


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