Thursday, July 19, 2007

LATER, layton!

so, for the past week and a half, as i'm biking along wellesley on my way to work, i'm pretty sure at around wellesley and bay, i see jack layton (also on a bike).

now, i'm a pretty strong ndp supporter and i don't want to shatter anyone's illusions, but jack layton bikes like your sissy grandma. dude is SO SLOW. so every morning, i'm zipping by him, dinging my bike as i pass, thinking, "LATER, LAYTON, EAT MY DUST!".

also: jack layton (or his doppelganger) wears black tapered faded levis. wow. no wonder the ndp shows so poorly every election. their leader is biking around town like a geriatric with two bum knees sheathed in heavy metal skid jeans. wow.

today is a long day, i packed the rest of the boy's malai kofta roti from ghandi's for dinnie (we went halfsies - i had sag paneer). ugh. one more long day and then tomorrow is FRIDAY! woop!


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