Thursday, July 12, 2007


got home just after 2 last night, asleep by 2:30, up at 7:00 to start work. ugh. midweek shows are the worst! don't let anyone tell you different.

however...last night's show was also THE BEST! the place was packed to the tits. i'm so glad we had our tickets in advance because they only released like, 70 at the door, and it was for $25 or something crazy. the party took place at spin gallery, which is usually used as a gallery space and gets special licenses to serve alcohol when they use it as a venue. i paid FIVE DOLLARS for water, little mini bottles of evian. what a RIP! we came in to some weirdly minimal fake-ironic band that were totally annoying. when flosstradamus came on, they kept stuff mostly housey, but when they played daft punk and randomed it up a bit (ie. dropping "groove is in the heart" !!!!! and "push it" !!!!!!!) it was beyond hype and i brucked out largetime. they turned the crowd into a seething, sweaty, hype mass for chromeo who blew the place apart. they're such a FUN band. i'm in love with dave 1 (pictured above...he's even hotter in person)...they're both total charisma. pee thug works the vocoder, synths and talk box, while dave 1 plays guitar and sings...they've been best friends for forever and bill themselves as the most successful arab (pee thug)/jew (dave 1) collaboration in history. dave 1 is also doing his phd at columbia university in french literature (!!!!!). swoon.

i've had a thing for middle-eastern dark-haired boys lately. and by "thing" i mean: "ravenous desire for"

the party was so hot and steamy that the sweat was collecting on the overhead pipes and dripping back down onto the dancefloor. also: hipster kids stink like the douches they are. like seriously folks, if you're a stinkbot (i am not, thankfully *knocks wood*) then PUT ON SOME ANTIPERSPIRANT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE, wanksters! sheesh! most of them look like they've stepped out of the same american apparel ad...le boring. the point is: me and dr. rei danced our butts off and had a fabulous time and we needed a grand slam of a night like that cuz we hadn't had one in a while.

today i'm an idiot and i signed up for extra hours at my branch...which means i'm going on 4 hours sleep and undertaking a TWELVE HOUR WORK DAY. and i'm having LUNCH WITH MY DEADBEAT DAD. i'm a masochist. i think i'm going to cancel lunch with my dad...a girl can only take so much.

last night's dinnie was tasty as all f**k. i dunno what i'm eating tonight...probably a plate of hurt with a side of whiny petulance and mad dog tired grumpiness.



dr.rei said...

LOL! best night in a long time mang. so much fun....way too smelly...but still amazing :)

Elaine Benes said...

sounds like you had a great time! I'm downloading some of their music as I type. I saw an interview with them once on TV too and they came across as pretty cool guys. nice!

yay to good shows!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

who the crap is this?!? ^^^
tpat, is that you?