Monday, July 09, 2007

hilarious run-ins with the bluehairs

dinner last night was the bomb. the boy's nany and papa live in a condo complex with a bunch of other seniors. their apartment features nany's needle-pointed pillow with the endearing slogan "screw the golden years" lovingly festooned upon it.

as we're sitting down chatting before dinner is served, we hear a knock on the door. nany goes to answer it and the resulting exchange goes something like this:

elderly neighbour-man (enm): "hey __ do you have any alcohol?"
nany: "sure! what would you like? gin, vodka, whiskey..."
enm: "well, what do you think would be good to give to a vomiting dog?"
nany: "i'm not sure, but i think 4 ounces should do it"
- at this point, there are interjections from us sitting in the living room listening to this and everyone starts piping in with suggestions (most of them to the effect that the dog should be taken to a vet, and not given alcohol)
somebody asks, "does the dog vomit often?"
enm: "well, no other than the time it ate some crack in the barbados" (!!!!!!!!!!)

i almost died laughing.

another choice moment is when the boy is pouring wine at dinner. he goes around and pours a standard pour, the glass is about half full. nany looks him square in the eye and says, "__, i asked for a GLASS of wine" at which point he obediently tops her up.


today is my long day so i'm packing an egg salad sandwich and that cumin-dressed cucumber, celery and red pepper salad with the fresh mint.


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dr.rei said...

LOL!!!!! aahahahah wow - that is actually the best.