Friday, July 27, 2007

grown up christmas...

so...the funding for midwives in ontario got released last night and was being over-night sometime today my roomie will find out if she has a job or not. it's like grown-up christmas. she's stressing really hard. i think she's more nervous about actually GETTING the job and then having to practice. even though she's amazing at her job and is always near the top of her class and is beyond capable. i'll keep my reading public updated!

is this bad luck? a preview of yourself in your wedding dress? it's kind of too good NOT to post, imo. i ripped a page from "tyra banks' america's next top model school of mall-grade modeling advice" and opted for an "editorial" style shoot, complete with awkward angles and a sneak peek at my world famous "monster" calves. i am NOT smiling with my eyes though. not for less than $10 000. i think if i'm going to pull this off, i really need higher heels. it's going to be a b***h to walk in, but for the dress to have that real effect, i think i'm going to need some patent stilettos.

last night's dinner turned out awesome. the grilled eggplant was only *slightly* less good than the deep fried stuff, so i think i'm going to stick to the winning formula (especially if i have a heavy plate of deep fried on deck).

tonight is going to be a laid back night...i picked up a 9-5 shift at the public library for tomorrow, but they're short-staffed so i'm working the position above my current one, with a $20/hour wage, which is the only reason i decided to do it. i also found out august is a 3 paycheque month! sweet!!! i LOVE 3 paycheque months. more than christmas.

i went to canadian tire yesterday to get myself and the boy a fishing license and some new fishing line to re-spool our rods. i LOVE LOVE LOVE canadian tire. i think it's a sign of what stage at my life i'm at that my three favorite stores are: canadian tire, target, and home depot. canadian tire has the MOST of the stuff i need right now though. if i win the lottery, i'm going on a shopping spree at canadian tire. so many rubbermaid storage products! so many life jackets, camping equipment, coolers! canning jars aplenty! be still my heart! i pledge my everlasting allegiance to the mighty canadian tire dollar!

tonight for dinner i think i'm going to keep it easy and make nachos with shredded monterrey, scallions, homemade salsa, refried beans, sour cream and guacamole.



Anonymous said...

...and that's why I have a Canadian Tire Master Card...the more I use it the more I get off the stuff I buy at CT.
xo momma d

PS Love the dress!

schmee said...

FIEEEEERCE. just... fierce.

dr.rei said...

the silver bullet is hands down the best wedding dress i've ever seen. you look AH-MAZING in it girl. simply best, better than all the rest.

Elaine Benes said...

ok, so I'm thinking you will definitely need higher heels for that dress! and maybe bigger hair too? I love the colour...I've been looking for a pair of shoes in that silvery metallic tone.

sg said...

"monster calves"? gimme a break (that is the g rated version of what i really wanted to say). the dress is hot but i would be careful with higher heels, uncomfortable walking is so not hot.
ps. so have you also subscribed to todays bride?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

thanks for all the comments people! you're all invited!!

the silver bullet will not disappoint.

coach: my monster calves prevent me from shimmying into those super-skinny jeans all the kids are hot for these days...i can't get them past my uber-muscular calves! also, since my wedding will involve about 10 billion costume changes, i figure i can suffer through the higher heels for the limited time that they'll be on parade.

dr. rei said...

lol 10 billion costumes changes...amazing

Chris said...

wedding dresses and camping talk.

you've come a long way shorty!

see you in a week!