Monday, July 30, 2007


we feasted at oyster boy last night. we had 1 1/2 dozen oysters on the half shell, some steamed clams, some baked oysters (baked with champagne and brie) and some of their crispy onion rings with jalapeno-lime aioli. it was delicious and relaxing and ever-so enjoyable. i love that place to pieces. i feel so comfy there. if i could book that place out for a wedding reception i would, but it's not big enough for a dance floor. i think ideally, i'd love to have a wedding reception (or just a plain ol' party) that consisted of my favorite things to eat from around the city: fish'n'chips from harbord, thai food from jean's, oysters from oyster boy, pizza from mamma's pizza, red devil cupcakes from the babycake company, sheet cake from dominion's...etc etc.

this week is jam-packed already! it's going to be crazy...what with work, and the roomie potentially starting work, and then i have 3 separate lunch dates this week, and a birthday dinnie out, courtesy of the boy, and then my montreal friend is coming down for the weekend, and i might have a hoo-ha on saturday, and then there's daft punk on sunday. i also have a doctor's appointment and i've got to finish this work for the professor (who is only HALF done the paper...what a slacker-face!) thank goodness it's a long weekend. i can't WAIT for friday!!!

today is my long day, so i packed a dinner of grilled chicken caesar salad. and a tonne of fruit and some nachos and guac for if i get EXTRA hungry. although it's so hot out that i don't foresee myself stuffing my face. but we all know how quickly THAT can change!


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