Tuesday, July 31, 2007

dear google calendar

you have changed my LIFE. i'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE! it's so organized, so colour-coded, so handy!!! plus, i can share my calendar with important people (ie. the boy) so that they can be made aware of certain events (ie. family birthdays) and thus the burden of responsibility for remembering said dates, events, social outings, is shared (ie. reduced nagging!)

muy fantastico. late entry today, but not much going on round here last night. we kind of did this faux-camping thing in the roomie's room. we lay on her bed and lit candles and put witch-hazel-soaked cotton pads on our eyes and idly blabbed and drifted in and out of sleep while the boy noodled on his guitar. this is AFTER i ate my weight's worth in tortilla chips, alternating dips in a reassuring cycle of habenero salsa heat tempered with full-fat sour cream cool. and three pieces of the roomie's leftover goat's cheese, basil, and chicken pizza. this was all after my pms-induced pleas for dial-a-steak were shot down.

despite the torpor of yesterday, this week is jam-packed with social outings. plus i get to visit my doctor today and plague her with my hyperactive, hypochondriac-driven, hystrionics. ie. my eye has been feeling funny since sunday morning...it feels kind of bruised and i get a little twinge of a dull ache when i close it shut or rub it or prod at it (as i've been doing). so i've somehow convinced myself that i have an african bot fly laying eggs in there. the boy says that if a million bot flies emerge from my eye in a rupturing stew of pus and swarming appendages, that he will welcome them with open arms and love them like they were his children. it's strangely comforting. i also may or may not have ringworm on my face. ringworm is NOT a worm, it's like a skin fungus (does that make it MORE or LESS gross?). i suspect i get it from touching books and rubbing my face in passing at the public library. either way, i've been aggressively treating it with alternating tea-tree oil and this steroid cream i have lying around. i suspect my treatment might be *too* aggressive considering i haven't ascertained that it's anything other than a patch of dry skin.

on that note, for dinner tonight i'm making tilapia fillets braised on the stove with grape tomatoes, arugala and chorizo, served with orzo pasta. i WILL NOT give in to pms cravings and eat a ridiculously over-priced and under-portioned nascar ice cream bar from 7/11 (chocolate cookie, vanilla ice cream, caramel, nuts, coated in chocolate, if you're wondering)



Ze'sMama said...

Ellie's had ringworm before -- buy Lortimin and apply it a couple of times a day. It goes away!

Chris said...

hahaha, dial-a-steak!!

sg said...

i heard that the reason why women crave chocolate during pms is because they need it for some reason, so skip the fake choco ice cream and go for a nice dark chocolate treat-its good for you!