Friday, July 13, 2007

cruising the myspace strip

sorry folks, i got caught up listening to tunes 'pon de myspace so i ran out of time. i'm doing some research on the opening acts for daft say i'm hype for this night might be the understatement of the millenium. it's going to be le bonkers. it's going to be a proper RAVE.

i'm feeling much better after the haggardness of was ROUGH. i got super-tired right after lunch but then i picked up steam...good thing too, as the public library was a right gong show. i spent the whole night practically on the circ desk. insane in the membrane.

tonight i'm going to try to catch some of the dusk dances at withrow park. basically, for a week during the summer there's a group that organizes groups of dance performances in parks throughout the city, there's several in each park and there's a tour leader that walks you from site to site. it's all FREE! then i'm going to possibly go to the el mocambo to check out this dude named arun branch and the halfway tree. he does reggae. it sounds okay to me...but not that hype. according to the boy, anthony braxton once said something along the lines of, there's people who do stuff that's "fresh", and they're the ones who are restructuring music, and then you got your good traditionalists who are doing stuff within an established idiom. people who are traditionalists who are AMAZING would be sharon jones and the dap kings. this dude isn't a very good traditionalist. he produces what sounds to me like very mediocre, well-trodden reggae. but it's for my doppelganger's i'm probably going to go at least for a little bit.

i REALLY want to go dance to tittsworth tomorrow night, but i don't know if i can find anyone to go with me.

that's a shot of me and dr. rei from the chromeo show!

for dinner tonight we're having a spice-rubbed grilled salmon with curried vegetable couscous.


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