Sunday, July 08, 2007

cooperation, makes it happen

cooperation, working together! (that's a line from a song from an old sesame street skit). team danforth really pulled it together this morning and we cleaned up the house like crazy. moved some junk that we'd been holding for my buddy up to his apartment, rearranged some furniture, positioned this new antique refrigerator chest the boy's parents gave us (i love it!) and generally tidied up like a team. it was awesome! the organization and mobilization made my organization and mobilization-loving soul very happy indeed.

last night's concert was very pretty and nice, but i wasn't keen on the venue. it's in a converted courthouse (and is called, somewhat non-creatively, the "court house") with soaring ceilings and kinda stuffy, aspirations-of-grandeur decor. when we showed up, there were two lines. upon inquiring, i was asked if i had a reservation. "no," sez i, "i have a ticket". well apparently, people who reserve a table (with a $15/person minimum!!!) get seats and the rest of us poor schlubs who have already shelled out $35/ticket have to go up to the mezzanine or stand at the back of the room like the lowly plebes we are. i was a little irate to say the least. YOU KNOW WHY JAZZ IS A DYING SOUND? because of that faux-elitist bulls**t. how 'bout we try to make a VIBE happen first? ugh. i abhor places that try to mix dinner and entertainment. either the DINNER should be the entertainment, or the ENTERTAINMENT should be the entertainment, not both. unless you're serving nachos and fries and wings. but places like the court house don't have the good sense to do that. instead they serve a poutine with "duck confit, maple syrup jus and goat's cheese". good lord, man! that sounds AWFUL!

last night's dinner was so simple and easy and tasty and good. buying mussels at a restaurant is probably one of the biggest ripoffs imaginable. we got 3 lbs of mussels and 2 lbs of clams for $15. that's usually what you end up paying for ONE pound of mussels, and seriously, mussels are one of the easiest things in the world to prepare. it's a crying shame.

in other news: ESPRESSO MASCARPONE ICE BOX CAKE IS THE BOOM BOOM. it took me 15 minutes to make and probably about as much time to demolish the whole thing if common sense hadn't taken over. delicious!

this morning for breakfast i made fried peameal, over easy eggs, toast, and the infamous carrot-beet-apple juice. for dinner we're going to the boy's nany's house. i'm hoping for a roast but as usual, i'll be happy scarfing down anything an old lady cooks for me.


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