Saturday, July 07, 2007

cinematic orchestra

was more cinematic than i would've liked. i can't imagine that i used to willingly PAY to hear that kind of stuff. it was hopelessly generic and unmemorable. it's "cinematic" alright, but not very evocative, it sounds like a lot of sub-par jazz rip-off noodling. but i do love the harbourfront bandshell as a setting for shows...i wish the city would let it be used more, and later! dancing outside late at night would be lovely.

on fourth of july eve, my sis and her fam took us to her friend's house on the shores of one of the finger lakes for the annual "ring of fire". it's awesome. the lake association gives everyone with frontage on the lake 2 red flares (and then people buy more) and at 10pm on fourth of july eve (aka july 3rd) everyone lights their flares so the whole rim of the lake is softly glowing and outlined in red. at the same time, people are pulling up deck chairs and having bonfires and doing fireworks. and when i say "doing fireworks" i mean: spending tens of thousands of dollars on REAL fireworks, NOT the rinkydinky burning schoolhouses that you get from the convenience stores in toronto. like, symphony of fire fireworks, disneyworld fireworks. it was buckshot. i LOVE fireworks! and i LOVE sitting by lakes and watching fireworks with people i like in deck chairs. it even made MY cold, blackened heart stir with furtive, nascent nationalist sentiments, and i LOATHE nationalism. it's just nice when people come together to do something (barring genocide and fascism).

it wasn't all sunshine and roses though. our ride down there was marred by a tactical error on my part that raised the simmering-beneath-the-surface ire of my outlaw brother. we took two cars down to the lake. i had made my award-winning potato salad and a spinach salad and dessert (which i carried in my lap). i packed up the food and put the salads on the backseat of my outlaw bro's car. well, apparently it sloshed around and got potato salad "all over" his car. then he flipped out and then he gave me the finger as he drove by. it was ugly. in my defense, i NEVER put food on the floor of the car. it's gross! especially if it's in tupperware! how was **i** to know that tupperware didn't form a tight seal? and my outlaw bro, incidentally, LOVES my potato salad, so you'd think he'd be glad that the essence of something he loves would be soaked into the cushions of his car. right? right?

tonight i'm going to see bill frisell at a new venue, the courthouse. i lurve bill frisell. most of his later stuff has been meandering, porch guitar music in the country-style. love!

i switched last night's dinner. we ended up having steak sandwiches on toasted baguette with arugala, sliced tomatoes and st. agur cheese. with grilled asparagus. delicious!

tonight we're having the steamed clams with toasted baguette and salad. i also made a surprise dessert for the boy, who's been pestering me for this "caterpillar" dessert his mum used to make him as a kid, consisting of nabisco chocolate wafer cookies, sandwiched with cool whip and then frosted with more cool whip and frozen, so the cookies get kinda soft and squishy. my variation features espresso, whipped cream and mascarpone, and the cookies, layered into a dessert. i have high hopes.


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