Sunday, July 22, 2007

chat-fest 2020

last night was fun! we were small in number but large in spirit. we basically sat outside and gabbed for 5 or 6 hour straight and ate good food - basically my favorite favorite favorite way to spend an evening.

there were a lot of hilarious moments and many that i can't even remember them all.

suffice it to say that i suspect mitch albom KILLED morrie, for fodder for his pap book - which is really a thinly veiled amalgamation of every blandly obvious motivational life snippet to ever tumble from some idiot's lips.

in other news, while vintage trawling with dr. rei yesterday i found my wedding dress. oh yes. all i have to say is: 80s silver lame (i don't know how to put accents in here). tight, ruched, and featuring a collarbone-framing riot of silver bow-like decoration. FAB-U-LOUS!

i keep flip-flopping on the whole "to marry or not to marry" issue. as dr. rei said, there's no good reason to do it, and no good reason NOT to do it. more than anything, it's an ego-issue. everyone ALWAYS says they're going to have an "unconventional" wedding, but few people pull it off. i have some STELLAR ideas to show peeps how it's done. as long as there's no slow dancing, expectation of speeches, schmaltzy and maudlin sentimentality, forced-kissing, stupid games, or me having to make a (un-funny, totally serious) spectacle of myself, i'm IN!

i wasn't completely pleased with my layered semifreddo dessert last night. it needs some kinks worked out. the ladyfingers were frozen too solid for the rest of the dessert. i think instead of coffee (which has too high a water content and subsequently freezes too icy, i'm going to soak the ladyfingers in a milk-coffee-kahlua mix and hopefully the fat content in the milk and the alcohol content of the kahlua will prevent the iciness. i'm committed to perfection (or so my resume boldly claims!).

today i'm having my fam over for some wading pool action (my sis is up visiting with the kids) and playing in the park and then a bbq at my pad. we're having: dilled deviled eggs (i LOVE deviled eggs!), portugese-style grilled chicken (marinated in chilies, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, wine, and a whole host of other goodness), with a bean and grape tomato salad in mustard-dill vinaigrette, my famous garlic bread, corn on the cob, and for dessert, that espresso mascarpone cookie layer cake.

unf unf unf!



schmee said...

last night was definitely good fun, probably.

dr.rei said...

lol! amazing day and evening. i'm rooting for the silver bullet (the dress) and the idea of karl and 'tron getting hitched. in fact, the only topic that didn't thrill me was the bit about the spiders from botswana controlling an ant's brain and making us kill ourselves...or something.

ps. the food pwn3d!