Thursday, July 26, 2007

celebrity gossip did me in again!

this is a pic of last night's dinner. i ended up tossing cooked penne with zucchini ribbons i had sauteed in roasted garlic butter, and some chopped oil-packed, oven roasted chilies my supervisor at work gave me, along with some good pecorino romano.


i can't reiterate enough how much i enjoy my job. which is good, since they've hired me on for 20 hours of work a week this coming fall term. and i'm also hoping to be able to do 7 hours a week at the public library. i'm hoping my classes are as low-intensity as last term's were. i WAS counting on sunday shifts at the public library (where i get paid time and a half for a 3.5 hour shift) to give me an extra boost so that i could drop one of my public library shifts during the week, but because toronto city councillors are lily-livered weaklings who can't approve taxes, toronto is cash-strapped and is forcing all of its' services to downgrade and the public library has stepped up to the tune of 1.3 million.

wow. toronto is probably the complainiest city i've ever known. a bunch of ingrates! largely prosperous, but always wanting more more more of everything! it's the same thing no matter what you're was bad when i was promoting and throwing parties, it's bad if you're a homeowner, it's bad all around. it's like, no one can reconcile living in a quasi-socialist society with the fact that maybe, just maybe you won't be able to buy your flat screen hd-tv if you also want you kids to enjoy a free public school education that's consistent and get decent health care.

it's not like i'm letting the government off the hook either. the amount of mis-handling and mis-management is atrocious. you know what, stephen harper? i'm kinda sure we didn't need to spend x billion on those arctic military ships trawling those icy waters for terrorist polar bears. but that's just me.

the point is, i'm a tortured union steward. torn between my innate fiscal responsibility issues, common sense, and my leftist, blue-collar sympathies. i'm like a considersably more winsome and gamine karl marx, if you will. ha!

tonight for dinner we're having fried rice with pork stuffed eggplant pockets. i usually deep fry the pockets, but we've been pushing it on the deep fried front lately, so i think i'm going to try baking them. i predict complaints. either way, the stuff gets soused with thai sweet chili dipping sauce, and that stuff has the power to make an entire fascist military's sins seem palatable.



dodz said...

"i usually deep fry the pockets, but we've been pushing it on the deep fried front lately, so i think i'm going to try baking them. i predict complaints."


dude....ce n'est pas acceptable.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i can't believe your first comment here is to complain about your dinner. IT'S STILL GOING TO BE TASTY, ass-jack!