Friday, July 20, 2007

banged up

in the the past little while, i've managed to: form a GIANT blister on the back of my right foot, stub my toe and cut a little bit of the cuticle, and burn my right arm with hot pasta water (nooo!!! not again!!!).

i'm a hurtin' unit right about now. also i think i've temporarily fixed my computer problems. i have a cpu that runs HOT (eff you, athlon!), so basically, it had gotten to the point where if my computer restarted and rebooted (on its own) say, 10 times in a day instead of 20, i was considering that a good day. i opted to take the side off of my computer and it seems to help it cool it down a bit. i also don't run my computer all day anymore but turn it off when i go to work. that seems to help a bit too. but it also means mad dust up inside so i gotta go get some compressed air, STAT.

p.s. i LOVE compressed air.

tonight is a lowkey night. i gotta take my cat to the vet and then i'm going to come home and do some prep work (i'm having my male doppelganger over for dinnie tomorrow, and my whole fam over for dinnie on sunday).

i finished reading sarah dessen's book "dreamland" ages ago, which officially brings me up to speed on her entire body of young adult work. this one was a little harder to get behind. it's about a girl whose sister runs away, so she's feeling a lot of pressure to carry the weight of her family's expectations and does things she wouldn't normally do (sign up for cheerleading, etc). then she hooks up with this mysterious dude (with the laughable name "rogerson biscoe"!!!) who smokes pot and has dreads and turns out to be abusive. it was kind of a dark text and i think it's hard for me to appreciate or understand how people stay in abusive relationships. i can understand being physically outmatched, but how people continue to put up with it boggles my mind. all it would take would be one time and i'd f**king lay into the bastard and make him so sorry. i'm more about the elaborate revenge techniques. i wouldn't hit back, but i'd set fire to every belonging, clip mousetraps to every finger, toe, and his d**k, slip lsd into his morning coffee, etc.

i was bad at ate square boy at like, 11pm last night so i'm feeling gross and repentant. tonight for dinner will probably be a grilled cheese sandwich or something.


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