Wednesday, June 13, 2007


for the shower today, i volunteered to do some cooking, so i made: jerk chicken on naan rounds (it's an island theme), smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese on crostinis, mini chorizo and cheddar quiches, and banana-walnut cake squares with brown sugar frosting. it's going to be quite the spread. the party will probably last until lunch, which means i get like, all morning off (because i'm helping to set up the party too).

in the past few weeks i've read almost all of sarah dessen's books, i'll do a bulk review tomorrow.

last night's dinner was delicious! italians are to meatballs as dwarfs (apparently you don't pluralize dwarfs as "dwarves"?) are to fantasy warriors. the meatballs were so tender and delicate. mine always turn out to be hulking, burly, chunky and squat little numbers (like me!). the salad was a nice complement to the heaviness of the pasta. i was a little worried that the cumin in the dressing would be overpowering, but there's just enough to ground the crunchy, crispy, bright freshness of the salad and round it out. it's definitely going on the roster. i always need new salad ideas.

tonight for dinner we're having breaded, deep-fried poached eggs (YOU HEARD ME. BREADED DEEP-FRIED POACHED EGGS!!!!!) on creamed spinach on ace focaccia toast. i'm trying to avoid dessert, although if it's stinking hot, we might raid the grocery jar for the change that we've been saving and accost the ice cream truck on our way to/from the park. we've been stockpiling the change for just such an occasion. and if you can't hijack an ice cream truck in the summer, then you're basically letting osama win.


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