Tuesday, June 19, 2007

we love freaks and geeks!

i borrowed the entire first season from the library. we had started watching "firefly" but i couldn't handle the heavy whedon-sci-fi epic in the summer time. funny, heartfelt, awkward, teenage coming-of-age in the 80s however? sign me up!!! we've only watched 2 episodes so far but it's got so much heart that i was totally won over. seth rogan's awkward one-liners are hilarious. i'm really hoping that lindsay weir ends up with nick andopolis (who is totally sweet and kinda goofy and obsessed with building the ultimate drum kit) instead of daniel desario (played by james franco as this show's jordan catalano character...hot but a big dummy). little sam weir is the cutest! i'm kinda glad the show only lasted one season, because i don't want to see that kid grow up. it would just be bad. like, kevin-arnold-at-the-end-of-wonder-years bad.

tonight for dinner we're having cedar-planked lime-ginger marinated salmon with sweet potato fries and roasted ontario asparagus. viva l'ete!



dr. rei said...

dude, that's so weird! i just started watching it last night too and only the first two episodes!! totally won over. the characters are so endearing!! i almost cried when lindsay danced with eli and sam danced with cindy...i'm turning into you.
also, the dad!!
"who am i trying to impress? when you have your own house, you can wear a tuxedo to breakfast"


karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

dude!!! when he pulls her onto the dancefloor for the "slowdance"??

or when he's sitting beside her on the couch and goes, "oh hey...i didn't see you sitting there"

adorable!!! that kid rules. but don't make the mistake i did and look him up on imdb because he's grown now, and it ain't pretty (not haley joel osmont not pretty, but in that ballpark)

dr. rei said...

lol, haley joel osmont not pretty is the worst! similar to fred savage not pretty (as pointed out in your blog)