Monday, June 25, 2007

three's company

actually, technically we have five people in this house right now. so far so good...nobody's had any freak outs yet and the house doesn't feel super-full. we'll see how long this bonheur lasts. my little bro is very respectful thus far, so i think it's going to work out. i'm kind of still reeling from the fact that he's SO OLD now.

the driving range went well again yesterday. according to the boy, i was doing way better than bunny summerington the fourth a couple of spots down, who had the whole rig: a shiny set of graphite clubs, collared polo, walking shorts, golf shoes, the glove, etc. and while my shots were (for the most part) landing straight and true, hers were all over the place. i'm HOOKED. we're going on a mini-vacay this weekend but when we get back, we're going to try to get a round in. i'm totally hyped.

finally, we watched the final two episodes of veronica mars, the series. wow. that was COMPLETELY UNFULFILLING. it blew chunks. the story was actually starting to pick up and they left the door open for future episodes and then BLAM. that's it, show's over. laaame! the writer/executive producer knew what was up though, as he dissed himself in the second last episode. still...laaame!!! it just made me mad more than anything else.
we ended up at this place called "the burger shoppe" for dinner last night. they ONLY do burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes and they market themselves as "specialists" in that particular idiom. dinner was on the pricey side: 2 "shoppe" burgers (with caramelized shallots and horseradish) combos, 1 with fries, 1 with rings, a side gravy, an upgrade to boylan's soda (instead of canned coke) and a vanilla shake cost $30. it's getting a shade high for me. the fries were outstanding, the onion rings needed a touch of seasoning, the shake was a good shake (if i had my own milkshake machine, i would exercise the masochistic need to be gouged every time i want blended ice cream and milk), and the burgers were quite good, although what i really enjoyed was the shallots and the horseradish. it was a beefy little number, but it wasn't the kind of burger that makes me want to shoop, if you know what i mean. i had what i thought (on a tastebud satiation level) was an equally good banquet burger, made with a quantifiable amount of less care and cheaper ingredients, for $3 at square boy. so burger for burger, i don't know if it's worth the drive to acton. the fries were just the way i like them though. top fries in the city (in no particular order): the burger shoppe, duff's wings, and oyster boy.

today is my long day, so i cooked my dinnie for tonight, yesterday. we're having a fried eggplant, roasted pepper, grape tomato, basil, and oven-dried chili pepper penne pasta, with a big salad with my carrot-miso vinaigrette.


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