Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this is a throwdown...

behold my boy foucault showing chomsky who's bawss in this debate. imo, he mops the floor with chomsky, especially in the second part. i LOVE this kind of stuff.

in other news, the parental complaint about teenage boys eating you out of house and home is a truism like CRAZY. my little bro is INSANE. he drinks like a litre of milk at a time and i watched him polish off the remainder of my (rather expensive) organic breakfast cereal (there was HALF A BOX LEFT) yesterday as he dumped it into the largest bowl i have. basically, i'm going to buy him a jumbo box of vector and hope that does the trick. i don't know if i can keep up.

for dinner tonight we're having grilled bacon wrapped mackerel with boiled blue potatoes in dilled sour cream and asparagus.



kitsch:in:sync said...

holy jumpin look how young the chomper is! it's kind of sad to see him looking ancient now, still rehashing the same warmed over anarcho-hyphen-au courant whathaveyou'ism assertions for some ginsburroughouacian shangri la. i also can't help but find it hard to believe how anyone who has spent oh i dunno say more than 30 years of bobbing around like flotsam in this briney plasma of our human condition and still hold on to the worldview (however tragically flawed) that the chomsker does.

it's like he's never lived with roommates. i'd give him a month in "the real world denver" house before he's leaving brooke-style nutjob notes on the fridge and having dark thoughts about taking a trip to davey jones' locker in the backyard pool because of his raging internalized cognitive disso between the need for hobbesean social contracts and clean dishes in the sink.

don't get me wrong, i think chomptown is great but i like him like my dessert- something that reminds me of my youth (socialism like mom used to make it!) but not something that i'd sit down to a whole meal of(doesn't do a good job of filling you up). like, as it's going down i know it's not good for me or sustainable but i'm apologetic about enjoying it

btw have you checked out the chomsky-dershowitz showdown over israel? dig it.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

is it pon de youtube?

i totally will.

i've seen chomsky talk twice and as much as he's got his facts down, he's a bit of a snoozer. so earnest! whereas look at how foucault looks so zany and crazy...like he could shank you at any second. THAT'S personality!

kitsch:in:sync said...

foucie does bear a striking resemblance to gollum and right away that makes me not want to mess with him. i've never been to nizzoam in concert but the guy is on 24/7 on NPR. he's so on point about things he'll slay you if you're not on your a-game with your shit backed up and annotated. it's scary how the guy just doesn't miss, despite his dowdiness he can still tko you when you add up the scorecards.

courtesy of dnow...

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