Tuesday, June 12, 2007

things that are good

- condoms
- the banding on socks
- me during rib-fest

things that i abhor ribbed:

the hunt for a smooth paperclip is dictating the course of my day at work. i loathe ribbed paperclips. i don't know who ever came up with the notion, but that person should be stabbed. the ribs just catch and tear at the paper and it drives me bonkers. and yes, this is actually something that bothers me. we all have our issues, i just happen to have exponentially more than most people.

today i'm going to work and then meeting the boy at the farmer's market. then some grocery shopping, home, making dinner, and hopefully doing some dodgeball practice in the park. i'm liking this sunny but low-humidity weather we've been having. delicious.

tonight for dinner my lovely supervisor at work gave me a jar of her tomato sauce and meatballs. i can see lovely leaves of basil floating around in there and she's italian so i have high, high hopes. we're going to be having it with pappardelle pasta and a big cucumber, orange pepper, celery, cumin and mint salad, al fresco.


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