Friday, June 22, 2007

summer solstice

yesterday was the summer solstice which always leaves me feeling bittersweet. even as you're quietly awed as the seemingly endless day inches slowly into twilight, you know that this is the turning point, where you start to feel the sun gently extricate itself from your fingers, eluding your grasp, leaving in its place the quickening dark that hints at winter.

the schmoozing went well, although i've just about given up any hope of a chance at working at the toronto star or globe & mail or any of the media outlets. a woman from the star spoke at the event and she said it's really tough out there for news librarians. as news organizations continue to centralize and lay people off, they're simply not replacing people. although she did mention a friend who finally got a job working for e-talk daily (which would be SO.MUCH.FUN!!!. just imagine me "researching" celebrity pop culture all day...although if i got stuck with the can-con, imagine instead me struggling to stay awake as a i troll the internet in search of pictures of kim mitchell's younger sister or tidbits about michael buble where he DOESN'T come off as a giant boob, or info on feist where she's not a pretentious, self-involved twat).

thanks to momma d, i also had an in with the film reference library lady, which would be another awesome job. ideally, and i've said this before, i would love to be a pop culture librarian, which is hard, because the only university of popular culture of any repute is in bowling green, ohio. i'd also love to be a librarian at some kind of culinary archive or something, but again, there's not much of that around these parts.

last night i ended up grabbing chinese bbq takeout on the way home. tonight my brothers, rei, and the roomie are going up to markham for a chinese banquet for my grandma's bday. feastus-maximus! then we're going out dancing at supermarket for that hip hop night i adore, called "never forgive action". and my littlest bro is also moving in tonight for the summer (he got a job as a camp counsellor downtown).


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