Wednesday, June 20, 2007

subway etiquette

yes folks, it's the de rigeur toronto ttc rider's rant about how other people have no subway etiquette. as i was getting off the subway yesterday i was held up by a doddering old lady, with a cane, unsteadily trying to weave her way out of the path of exiting and oncoming passengers. she was OLD, folks. like 80+ old, and all the other passengers on the train with a seat are much younger. i almost lost my s**t. as i'm getting off and pass the lady, i raised my voice and shouted, "will SOMEONE give up their seat for this person?!?" and stared at the seated people until a young man sheepishly and shamefacedly got up. i also got some nasty glares but i can deal with that. it makes me want to puke the way people can be so rude. i want to cuff them all upside the head.

in more positive news: WE FOUND THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! it was parked on the corner of the danforth. i got a butterscotch sundae and the roomie and the boy got a swirled chocolate dip cone. i suspect that the ice cream truck is probably pretty low fat because soft-serve is probably soy milk or something. the dairy percentage in that crap has got to be pretty low.

we're also dealing with this weird pipe issue, where every now and then, the pipes start making this shuddering racket, that will only be alleviated by turning on the taps all the way. it's pretty freaky because the noise is so loud and the walls start shaking something awful - it feels like the pipe is going to explode. apparently there's air trapped in there or something.

dinner tonight is huevos rancheros. i made the tortilla chips, deep frying cut up corn tortillas, and we nibbled on some last night...they're SO MUCH BETTER than store bought. so corn-y! i'm running late so i'll put up pics of last night's dinner tomorrow.

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