Sunday, June 17, 2007

o, mein papa

fathers of the world (except kim jong-il), i salute you!

the rosebud was delicious! four people, 3 cocktails, and a bottle of wine cost $310 after tax and tip (although now i'm agonizing that we didn't tip enough...why am i so bad at the maths??? why???) and we each had 3 courses. to start, i had the chicken liver and cognac pate, which came (properly) in it's own little wee crock frosted with a 1/4 " layer of chicken fat, which cleaved in big shards like ice beneath the pressure of my knife to yield buttery, smooth, rich and flavourful chicken live mousse with a slight acidity from the booze to cut the unctuousness. this was served with thin crostinis that had been seasoned. i can't reiterate enough how much i love it when places take that extra little step to season their toasts. just a soupcon of salt makes all the difference.

the boy had an heirloom beet and arugula salad with goat's cheese. the arugula was bitter and spicy, tempered by the sweetness of the beets and the balsamic vinaigrette in which it was dressed, and complemented by the disc of faintly barny goatcheese that had been crusted in nuts.

for a main course, i ordered lamb rack with mint sauce and peas. the lamb was cooked perfectly medium, capped with a chewy, sizzling, lip-smackingly good layer of crunchy lamb fat, properly seared. the sauce was the star of the show: a rich, dark, thickly viscous lamb glace, punctuated with breathy shots of julienned mint, the pop of green peas, and chunks of crunchy-soft roasted potatoes, perfect for chasing the slick, flavour-packed jus. delicious.

the boy got braised short ribs, which were two sturdy, beefy little numbers, the meat properly falling off the bone with a neat pile of caramelized shallots.

the desserts were pretty standard, an airy, bittersweet chocolate mousse shot through with espresso undertones and a fairly standard (though very custardy) creme brulee, topped with a layer of burnt sugar that was slightly too thick for my liking.

overall everything, including our friends' dishes, were all well prepared and uniformly delicious. the style of the food doesn't make it the kind of place where i'll necessarily be running to go there again, mainly because it's on the opposite side of town. it's a great first-date kind of joint, where you'll pay medium prices for well executed, thoughtful, though slightly unadventurous food.

today we're going to shoot a bucket of balls at the driving range with the boy's dad. F.U.N.!!! i've never golfed before but i'm tremendously excited. then it's dinner with the boy's family, then dodgeball, then post-game food at duff's, then home.

what a day!


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