Monday, June 18, 2007

the next tiger...

so, i've totally fallen in love with the driving range. according to the boy, i was doing pretty good for a first-timer...i managed to knock the ball into the 100 yard range a couple of times. the thing i like about it, is that it's a mental game. every single time you tee up is an opportunity to make micro-adjustments and get it right. and it's just you against yourself. i definitely like it better than most team sports, where things are happening really fast and your movements have got to be really instinctual. golf seems really cerebral and i totally dug it. the plan is we're going to hit the driving range a couple more times and then play a round on a par 3 course. as you can see, i totally don't have appropriate golf attire. i'm hoping i can raid a used clothing store for a totally 80s, vintage, preppy, lacoste-laden look, suitable for a woman named dottie buffington III. go big or go home, folks.

it was a pretty physical weekend all around, which i loved. we biked to dinner on saturday night and biked home from the movie. we also biked to golf and back, played a round, and then played dodgeball. we won the final game, but it was close. final score was 9-8 and it got ugly. we had a good lead going in, but then we lost our heads and started playing too defensively and the opponents started gaining ground. my heart was POUNDING during that final game but we made quick work of them. for once, **I** wasn't the one having rage blackout issues. and you know there's something off when **I** am the calmest person during the game. that team in particular makes us SO MAD. the game started off fine. then they called an out on one of our players (he was holding two balls). now, i've got the rules. simple possession of two balls at one time by one person doesn't qualify as an out, but they do have to put one of the balls down. and if they make a catch while holding another ball, the catch is a wash. but they started flipping out and calling it an out. and that's when our team LOST IT. they were also calling outs on stupid stuff like if one of our players accidentally slid over the line by half a foot. and they were CHEATING again like CRAZY! they weren't abiding by the first off, first on rule. and when we had established that we would let them call their own outs and we would call our own, they kept trying to argue our outs for us. in the end we won, but it was so ugly that it marred the victory for us. because i just know that they don't think we won fair and square. they probably think we won through cheating, which is just annoying when they're the cheatiest team around. so aggravating! if we meet them next season, we're just going to kill them with kindness. and then CRUSH THEM.

you know what's NOT aggravating? hilary duff's dress at the mmvas. gorgeous! i just need it to not be strapless. what a fun, kicky little number.

today is my long day, so i'm packing a red cabbage and beet borscht with dilled sour cream (can be eaten hot or cold!) for dinnie along with my by-now requisite cheddar and onion sammy.


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