Saturday, June 23, 2007

mr. belvedere, m.d.

last night's dinnie with dr. rei and the roomie inside the ride was hi-larious and featured, amongst other things: an ongoing mr. belvedere gag, dr. rei's bumbled fumbling of a 1 month old baby, dr. rei's subsequent unsuccessful hamming attempts at winning said baby over, only to be met with rolleyesdotbarfdotgif from the baby, and a mildly embarrassing conversation on the streetcar to the bar where us three girls hashed over (quite loudly) people we knew who were "ugly" "average" or "pretty".

the bar was a bust. i was expecting old skool hip hop dj sets and what i got instead was an all-white reenactment of 8 mile. seriously. it was like bad mc after bad mc, although the notable line of the night was: "or else i'll f**k you over like a french seal". yikes is right, folks, yikes IS right.

today i'm lazing and futzing around the house with the roomie and her visiting friend from long island. then we're going to my friend's place for a birthday pre-drink and then seeing where the night takes us. i've given up on finding a live place to go dancing. it's like, never going to happen.

tonight for dinner we're having ginger-pear glazed grilled pork chops a panzanella salad and grilled asparagus. for dessert we're having a warm strawberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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dr.rei said...

"all-white reenactment of 8 mile"

"or else i'll f**k you over like a french seal"

LOL i just lol for like 2 mins