Thursday, June 28, 2007

mmw + s = <3 <3 <3 !!!

last night's show was so good! it was funky and skanky and jammy and dancey and all the upbeat medeski martin and wood hits that i love. although i've said it before and i'll say it again: JAZZ FANS ARE THE WORST. the most unhype, unenthusiastic crowds i've ever seen. it's like buddies: you know why you're listening to a dieing sound??? because you do it a disservice and make live shows NOT LIVE.

mmw is as close as i get to listening to a "jam" band (ie. i loathe dave matthews with a vehemence i usually reserve for...well...i guess i loathe a lot of things with vehemence). i've seen them four times now, and each time, people are up outta their seats and dancing. so why would the td canada trust toronto jazz peeps see fit to pack a bunch of CHAIRS into the tent where the concert took place??? so lame! the most rousing reaction most toronto jazz people can muster is polite clapping. there wasn't much of a vibe inside the room which is so odd to me, as jazz is something that's dependent on LIVE performance. and sometimes that s**t get's COOKIN' but you wouldn't know it from the crowd reaction.

i have to say i think this is a toronto thing. in nyc, peeps get riled and rowdy, and this is the 50+ crowd. we saw ron carter (for free!) at the museum of natural history and the peeps were feelin' it. blech. it's just depressing how lamely mediocre and genially bland toronto is sometimes.

scofield adds an extra layer of dopeness to the group and my only complaint is that the show was a little short.

tonight for dinner i was thinking of going out to eat, but i'm going to do the frugal thing and make a pancetta, caramelized onion, cracked black pepper and parm bucatini with a salad.


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