Friday, June 15, 2007

let the weekend begin!

i'm homeward bound to chill with dr. rei before we go to the "scene not herd" show of the worldwide short film festival. i'm a festival regular now, going on five years. "scene not herd" is a showcase of music videos from around the world which makes for a visually and aurally entertaining show.

that is a variation on the outfit i'm wearing. it's a little blurry and i'm scrapping the short-shorts in favour of dark denim capris. i was hamming it up last night, wearing a cut-off piece of the boy's trousers on my head and arm...a kind of nouveau kkk/nazi's a line i'm developing for target.

i was so excited to start mowing last night's dinnie i almost forgot to take a shot. thus the large, unsightly, dinosaur-chomp taken out of my sammie. the spooge coming out the top is the scallion mayo making a run for it. i ended up scrapping the bottom half of bread because it was getting too bready. the miso-carrot vinaigrette was aight. it could've used some fresh ginger but i was out. otherwise it was sweet and slightly acidic with a good shot of the miso-fermenty-musk/funk to give it some character.

tonight for dinnie i'm making braised sausage and artichokes with lemon and sage and roasted asparagus. and i think after the movie i want to go to greg's ice cream for dessert.


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