Saturday, June 09, 2007

let the rain come down

i narrowly missed being a foolhardy and overly ambitious biker tossed about in that vicious storm yesterday. i left work 5 minutes early, unlocked my bike, hopped on, and was pulling out of the driveway at work when the wind knocked over 4 of those metal barricades (the kind police put up to herd people into place) and the lightening flashed ominously. i ran my bike back over and locked it up and had started running to the streetcar when the rain started pelting down. i was soaked, but all in all i got off lucky, because i had heard reports of golf-ball size hail in barrie.

i like the camaraderie that natural events bring out in people. usually i'm the one blowing wide the shields of urban aloofness and the buffers of privacy with strangers i'm sharing close spaces with. i cheerfully blab about the ridiculous argument i just had with the boy, or comment on people's groceries or otherwise try to connect with people in my trademark cheerfully obnoxious way. but storms and blackouts and 5 feet of snow suddenly make for shy commiserating smiles and tentative feelers of conversation from people sympathetic with your sudden, shared plight, be it being drenched to the bone, or studying and planning your tactical attack on the driveway after a heavy snowfall. i love it!

this weekend is turning out to be a spectacular bust. i prepped all this food to host my sis and my outlaw bro and family for dinner, but now they're not coming because they're all being felled by some kind of weird stomach bug that's systematically working its way through their poor digestive tracts. meanwhile, my mum is sick and my bro isn't feeling well either. the end result is i have tonnes of food and no one to share it with. the mitigating factor is that i don't really feel like socializing with non-super-close friends (ie. i just don't want to invite over random acquaintances) because i want to be comfy tonight and schluff out. it's a difficult bind i'm in.

anyway, here's what's on the menu: grilled lemongrass and ginger chicken wings. hasselback potatoes with bacon and scallion sour cream. ginger-lime marinated grilled wild pacific salmon with scallion aioli. bean and grape tomato salad with mustard-dill vinaigrette. chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if anyone reading this feels like coming over to eat, and won't expect much from me socially, you know how to get in touch!

if there's one thing i believe in: it's the power of chocolate pudding pie.


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