Thursday, June 07, 2007

landlord tenant act...

use it! me and the boy have been living in our place for around 3 years. originally the rent was listed at 1300 for our place, but i bargained the landlord down to 1250. when we went back to school, it coincided with the roomie needing a place close to her school placement so we took her in. this past march, the landlord said that because we had an extra person living there, they were raising the rent to $1350. i happened to mention it to my mum last friday at dinner, and my mum (who is a real estate lawyer) hepped me to the fact that that rent increase is not kosher. i looked up the landlord and tenant act and boy, was she right! the most he can increase the rent from a year to year basis is 2.6%, which would have made the increase to $1282 or something. the landlord tenant act also says that tenants can sublet to additional tenants as they please and the landlord can not "reasonably" object. having 3 people in what is billed as a 2 bedroom apartment is so not unreasonable. so i called him last night and we hashed it out. i really really really like our landlord and this apartment and he's always super stressed out and stuff, so eventually i agreed to $1300. i don't mind paying a little bit more a month to keep things civil and easy-going between us.

last night's dinnie turned out really well. my bbq sauce supplies the smokiness that is missing when you do pulled pork in a slow cooker, instead of the technically-correct long smoking with some kind of wood chips.

tonight the roomie is coming back from hippie-ville, CA. we're having chicken cordon bleu done on the grill. grilled skinless, boneless, chicken breasts, topped with a slice of proscuitto and swiss emmental and cooked with the lid down til the cheese is melted, alongside grilled mushrooms brushed with butter and sauteed spinach. i might make a rhubarb pudding cake to use up some of the rhubarb i have kicking around.


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