Friday, June 01, 2007

it's official

a) it's STINKING hot in the city. we don't get much a/c at my work because they're doing renos and everyone is going bananas and wilting on a daily basis. i've had a few comments on how i stay looking so fresh and peppy and i'm like, dudes...i used to work the hot line in a KITCHEN, ain't nothing gonna hold me down...i got to keep on movin.

b) looking after a 3 year old and a 1 year old is the most tiring exercise there is. my niece is pretty good, cuz she's getting to the age where she's very in control of herself, and can sit and play and be preoccupied with something, while the 1 year old has learned the power of mobility and makes you EARN the babysitting time. it's also exhausting dealing with two separate and equally demanding voices and personalities. i try to be a no-tv babysitter, which makes it harder, although i can fully understand the temptation to plop the kids down in front of the tube to just give you a few minutes' respite from the constant chatter. my poor stepdad! he's going bonkers looking after the kids!

c) there's a kid who comes into the public library with the best shirt ever. he's like a 12 year old, very nerdy, with a shock of hair and a loping, slow gait. he always wears the same yellow t-shirt, that says (in helvetica, all caps): "time is an invention". it SO AWESOME!! i like him based on the strength of that shirt alone.

this weekend i'm up in markham with the family. which means loads of gratuitous eating and a lot of slothing it up. tomorrow is supposed to be nice so i'm hoping we can go out and do something (maybe the island?!?). tonight me, my mum and my sis are doing a girl's night dinner at canoe. i feel weird going back to the place i worked, especially as i have a lot of bad feelings associated with the chef there, who i'm going to name by name: BOM TRODI (i WAS going to name him by his full name but the boy just informed me that if he googled his own name - and he would because he's a raging egomaniac - my blog might show up). he's a giant baby. there, i said it. he basically insinuated that i was faking with my foot thing and he made some really sexist and gross comments to me. he's also one of those people, where, when their face is at rest, their mouth hangs open a little bit and you can see the bottom teeth. do you know what i mean? it gives your face (especially when you already have a fat-man-baby face) a particularly slow, stupid and perpetually confused expression. he was also a label whore to the extreme. so he kinda worked out and then would strut around dripping in lv and lacoste and prada like he was pharell's little bro. brrrrutes!!! one of those people who lives way outside their means. but i do have good friends still working there. and i'm going to blog extensively about the food.


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