Wednesday, June 27, 2007

is this normal???

that's a question that gets asked a lot around these parts, usually late on a friday evening, as the roomie, the boy, and i are deep in conversation, as we happen to glance at the clock and realize that by all rights, we should be capitalizing on our youthful vigor and painting the town red, not 2 hours into a psychoanalysis of what makes oprah indicative of the problems with society (the boy and me), or the last bastion of hope for our damaged world (the roomie).

our closeness and contentment with each other as company always makes us wonder aloud if it's "normal" - but then we realize the question is a wash, because as usual, we're only asking each other creating a circular trajectory to our self-analysis.

this was thrown into relief at my friend's shindig on saturday. it was the roomie's long island friend (hereafter known as "p"), the roomie, myself and someone we hadn't yet met sitting on the couch in that order. it was pretty hot in there and we were sweating up a storm, until that became a topic of conversation. "i'm sweating like a pig," says i. "it doesn't matter cuz you don't have hair under your pits so it wouldn't stink," responds the roomie. "sure i stink," is my retort. "no, you don't," is the roomie's rejoinder. to which, i take the "logical" next step, and swipe a hand under my armpit, lubing it up with the pheromones-laced secretions of my glands, and take a sniff. i then offer said hand to my roomie to take a sniff, which she obligingly does, with the comment, "i don't smell anything". at which point, the kindly girl sitting on my right decides (justifiably so) to get up and move to a chair across the room.

yikes. maybe this whole family thing has gone too far? although the thing that reassures me is that every time we have someone over, they want to move in with us. something tells me i'm into something good.

concert tonight! medeski, martin, wood and scofield. you know what i love more than a hammond organ??? a rhodes! and you know what i love more than a hammond and a rhodes? a wurlitzer!!! and you know what i love best of all??? when someone can play ALL THREE at a time, alongside bass and drums. it's my ideal combo. none of that saxamaphone and trumpet biz...all meat, no fat. it also means i get to dance outside. joy!

for dinnie tonight we're having seared scallops on a bed of creamy egg noodles with garlic scapes and peas. and a radicchio, parsley, fennel and romano bean salad with lemon and olive oil and fleur de sel, the original incarnation of which is pictured above.


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sg said...

haha-she probably moved because she wasnt involved in the conversation not because you all are wierd, maybe you should have asked what she thought...