Monday, June 11, 2007

i'm running late!

quickie post:

- dinner with my grandparents was hilariousness as per usual, but ratcheted up a notch by the presence of dr. rei. she was also invited to the next to-do, having made a good impression on my grandpa through the machiavellian coaching of the boy sitting next to her: "grandpa doesn't have dessert! SERVE GRANDPA HIS DESSERT!" - needless to say, grandpa was thoroughly charmed at her filial piety. my stepdad was also on point. quote of the night being (as he's arguing with my brother about his favorite bone of contention: his cell phone plan): "i'm just going to take your suggestion and switch to a pay as you go. AND THEN NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE." !!!!! there were also the usual slanderous slurs against mainland chinese people.

- dodgeball was bittersweet. by all rights, we won our game, but we're fixing it slightly because we really want to face this team we despise, who we won fair and square against (even though they cheated like d**ks) and then had the GALL to give us less than 5 spirit points. EVERYONE GETS FIVE SPIRIT POINTS.

dinner tonight will be jerk chicken with coconut rice'n'peas and some random veggies.


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