Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i want to know what love is

i want you to show me. the boy showed me last night. i came home to the best prezzie ever: homemade cookies! it was awesome considering i came home fairly famished. he made chocolate-cornmeal italian sandwich cookies with an orange butter filling. usually i'm not a fan of orange and chocolate, but the filling just had the floral essence of orange from the zest and i enjoyed the combination immensely. the cornmeal definitely gave the cookies a nice crunch. they were VERY labor intensive as well...he had to ROLL OUT COOKIE DOUGH and cut out the rounds with a cutter. i think it's the sweetest gift in a tie with the time he brought back a double for me to try.

this weekend we watched "knocked up". judd apatow is a great director/writer. he invests a lot of heart into his movies and all the characters are very endearing. i read some hetero-normative stereotyping going on that i found a little distancing, keeping me from LOVING the movie, but i really really liked it nonetheless and found it very funny. the odd thing is that i can watch other things (ie. "the forty year old virgin") and stuff like that won't bother me because i can suspend disbelief, but for some reason, i read this film as advocating a kind of adult "progression" (read: good job, upward mobility, commitment to the nuclear family) for men that put me off a bit. it's a small quibble though, because it was hilarious and i would watch paul rudd in anything. judd apatow's wife, leslie mann is a great comedic actor. i'd highly recommend it, probably the funniest movie i've seen since "the 40 year old virgin". it's slightly smarter and a bit of an evolution from the tone of that flick too, and miles above stuff like "wedding crashers" or "old school" or "taladega nights". the pop culture references are right up our alley (and by "our" i mean my pop culture obsessed family).

tonight for dinner we're doing a mezes meal. roasted eggplant and tahini dip, olive tapenade, warm chickpea salad with chilis and feta and pan-fried haloumi with pita.


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