Wednesday, June 06, 2007

hopping on the 2.0 bandwagon

well, i've been successfully convinced that this whole internet thing ain't half bad. yesterday at work we had a big presentation on "neat sites" which were all 2.0-centred (for lack of a better description). there was some AWESOME stuff on there! aggregation and personalization are the wave of the future! but it's a lot of work to stay on top of it. the woman who presented has an rss feeder that logs like, 200 different things (if not more) and she admittedly spends a LOT of time on the internet. i don't think i'm the kind of person who wants to invest that much time, i prefer like, top 10 digests of stuff so i can scan the best of the best. a lot of the sites in the presentation were in the prototype, "beta" phase, so we'll have to see where they go from there, but some of the interesting things were: image search engines that try to match images instead of text (hello, online shopping help!!!), rss feeders, airplane ticket aggregators which search ALL sites for the lowest fare rates, google map mashup sites that allow you to create your own mashups (HELLO TRAVEL ITINERARY!!! i'm going to cross-reference any future trip i do with all the restaurants/stores i want to hit to make easy and personalized travel maps). i came away completely inspired and promptly came home and set up a new gmail account and my own igoogle home page. ta-da!!! i never thought that person would be ME, but it is!

last night's dinner was so yummy! the eggplant dip was simply oven-roasted eggplant that i peeled and pureed with roasted garlic, some of the roasted garlic oil, tahini and salt and pepper. it tasted VERY eggplanty in a round, rich way with just a hint of the bitterness that you get from eggplant. my olive tapenade was briny and bracing as always, and the warm chickpea salad was fresh and bright with a long, lingering, slow-burning heat. the fried haloumi was fresh and squeaked in my teeth. we've had problems with haloumi being too salty, but this stuff was very mild and fresh tasting.

tonight for dinner i'm making pulled pork sandwiches on a kaiser (a pork butt that i've simmered all day in the slow cooker with my chipotle bbq sauce) with the last of my award-winning potato salad and a red carrot, green apple and red cabbage slaw. i *might* make a rhubarb pudding cake if i have the energy, but we'll see...too much dessert this week!



schmee said...

welcome to the future.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

hardy har har.

it's a dangerous can of worms that has been opened, because you know i'll be pestering you and aaron for help.

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