Friday, June 08, 2007

happiness is


this is the fat chinaman (aka "little ze") in action. cutest baby ever! and this isn't just a proud, doting aunt talking. when we were walking around the unionville festival with the little meatball in his stroller, his chubby little legs basking in the humid sun, i overheard many a remark about what a cute little bugger he is. there are some people with discerning baby-taste in unionville, lemme tells ya.

last night's dinner wasn't that photogenic, but it sure was tasty! i was going like a madwoman last night, on account of having bitten off a lot in the next few days. i'm having my sister, outlaw brother and their brood over for dinnie on saturday, then dodgeball finals, then my grandma's birthday feast in markham, then i have to make a bunch of hors d'oeuvres and little sweets for a co-workers bridal shower we're doing at work next week. add to that that i'm working a 9-5 at the bibliotheque tomorrow and it's a little bit stressful. ah well, such is life.

tonight is takeout night! i think i'm going to pick up chinese bbq on the way home and then start prepping all the food i have to make in the coming days.


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