Saturday, June 16, 2007

dear sister

so i finally got around to watching the snl "dear sister" digital short 'pon de youtube. HI-larious. i know i'm hopelessly out of date but i kinda got a hot-on for andy samberg. although i thought the natalie portman rap wasn't that funny.

last night's "scene not herd" series was predictable/fun/entertaining as always. the best one i saw was for this song called "sta passando novembre" by eroz ramozotti. it was beautiful and sad and touching and sweetly tender:

the other one i loved was called "the owl" by i love you but, i have chosen darkness. this one was beautifully stark and effective, mostly for the depiction of the owl alone. the music melded amazingly with the visuals, creating a nearly unbearable tension that mounted and mounted without the exhalation of release:

finally, the last one i really really liked was called "peace and love" by a band called quasi. it had cute round animation and if there's one thing i'm a sucker for, it's cute, round animation. plus when the characters finally come together, it's the cutest embrace ever! like brancusi's "the kiss" (grade 12 art history say what!):

there was an AWFUL one from the scissor sisters (i can't believe people listen to that generic crap), the constantines (ditto) and emily haines and some other loser from broken social scene. indie music is poo. the emily haines one was just plain BORING and utterly generic and the apostle of hustle tune, "national anthem of nowhere" sounded like s**t. literally. the levels and engineering on the tune were crap, unless it was MEANT to sound like it was recorded 5 rooms down from the mic, in which case, that's the stupidest idea i've ever heard. also, there was a predictably, self-indulgent lame-ass tune featuring the most generic, elevator-innocuous electronic music noodling beats, courtesy of everyone's favorite borderline autistic dorkface, thom yorke. the programme calls his style "plaintive", i call it "whiny" and "dull". i don't think "plaintive" can be used as a favorable adjective. as soon as i heard the keening, indecipherable mumbling of a male voice over those utterly banal beats, i just KNEW it had to be radiohead or a side-project, and lo and behold, 3/4 of the way through, we see thom yorke, half catatonic, curled into a embryonic rigor mortis, plunging into a pool of water. *YAWN* i'm sorry, but thom yorke needs to go away now. actually, he should've gone away like ten billion years ago and left his keening middling-ness off the airwaves and music enthusiasts-cum-lately's "best of" lists.

today i'm working a shift at the library (just a half day, yay!) and then coming home to get a crash course in bike mechanics from my housemate (my friend renting the apartment upstairs). then me and the boy are going to a place called the rosebud for dinner, followed by a short film festival "midnight mania" series called "creepy".

full review of the rosebud (with pictures!) to follow.


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