Friday, June 29, 2007


yesterday we had a going-away party for a coworker. it featured some baked goods (little butterfly cupcakes, italian orange and chocolate-iced biscotti, my pecan shortbread and norwegian cardamom spice cookes with espresso glaze, coffee cakes), fruit, but most notable of all: dominion grocery store slab cake. which i ate two pieces of. corner pieces - with double the frosting! it was fairly disgusting. one of my apocalyptic skills is my uncanny ability to eat massive amounts of slab cake and to at times, favour it over home-baked pastries. i don't know what it is, but lately, grocery stores have really NAILED the slab cake genre. it's all in the frosting. gone is the hard, overly sweet, teeth-aching frosting of yore and in its' place is a lightly sweetened, softly airy, whipped-cream-esque substitute. divine!

after that i met up with dr. rei and we did some shopping for my nephew, little ze's birthday. we also hit the new "forever 21" store at the corner of dundas and yonge. it's an american chain that offers cheap(er) clothes that are still stylee. i went in and almost died and went to heaven. the clothes are so me!!!!!! they've got this flowy, vaguely hippie-esque vibe with nice patterns and colours. j'adore! it's a lot more me than the offerings at h&m, which are a bit too euro-urban-trendy-electro for me. however, i was thinking that the price point would be a little's not that much of a deal (especially for the quality), but it's still fun to check out. i love shopping with dr. rei because she's very sensible about things and keeps me from going buck on generic, mass-produced pieces, by asking me the hard questions like, "do you really need this?" or "why don't you save your money for something really special?" and in the end, i need to be asked such things, because i've inherited my mother's ability to be a shopping addict. and my wardrobe is already bursting at the seams. i have a pretty good eye for clothes, so things i buy rarely go "out of style" per se, which means that at the rate that i'm collecting, it's bad news for the amount of space i have.

the point is: you're right dr. rei...i'm better off spending my hard-earned dollars on one of a kind pieces.

also, i'm going to visit my sis for a mini-vacay (me and the boy took a few extra days off work), so i should REALLY be saving my money for the hole i'm going to tear into the libertine collection at target. i'm also hoping to check out steve and barrys, which sells ultra-cheap clothes that are the end result of my people being paid in grains of rice. eeeks.

in other birthday weekend is going to be OFF THE CHAINS. i've decided that i want to go see daft punk at arrow hall on august 5th. check out this footage:

holy s**t. if that's not the hypest thing i've seen in a while, i don't know what is. all the dancing i haven't been doing all year is going to be made up in one glorious show. the greatest thing about my birthday is that the provincial government saw fit to mark the auspicious occasion of my birth with a civic holiday, which means that there's always a 3 day weekend lurking around the vicinity of my bday. BOOOOOOYASHAKA. that means the rave is ON, motherf**kers!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! i'm so hype already it's making me want to shoop like whoa!

have a great long weekend, peeps! i'm going to be chilling out maxing relaxing all cool in the land of super-sized portions of bob evans bulk sausage, biscuits and gravy, and modern imperialism-derived slack.


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dr. rei said...

i know my role! the totally rational yet surprisingly impressionable friend :)