Monday, June 04, 2007


dinner at canoe with my mum and my sis was loads of fun! it was my second time eating at the restaurant and experiencing things from an outside point of view. i'm not going to lie, it wasn't NOT awkward a little bit, seeing old co-workers and having to put on "co-worker face" and be all nicey nicey. the service was a little over-the-top and too effusive to feel genuine and nice, they were laying it on a little thick. the clientele seemed to be on the old, conservative, and white side, and that was reflected in the menu, which didn't take many creative leaps. it was a good, standard, "fine-dining" restaurant, with a somewhat indiscriminate approach (ie. you kind of get the same things from most "fine dining" restaurants of a certain quality). nothing was stand-out, but nothing was bad.

my first course was a ricotta gnocchi in a truffle foam with crispy sweetbreads. this was my favorite dish of the night. the gnocchi were tender with the slightest bit of bouncy resistance to the tooth, the truffle foam was rich and soft and round, and the crispy sweetbreads added little textural punches. as a second course the kitchen sent out a complimentary bowl of this new soup they're putting on the menu. it was shredded rabbit with celery, meyer lemons, some kind of foam, and a mushroom-cream stock. this dish didn't really meld together all the disparate elements in a cohesive way. i tasted rabbit (which really upholds the "tastes like chicken" standard description) and then the crunchy bits of celery, and then the rest of the dish tasted like lemon cream. it was far too rich, and the amount of soup was far too much. drinking whipping cream just isn't my style. my main course was the "roasted suckling pig" where the server claimed that they use "every part of the pig" which is totally untrue, but whatever. they're trying to ride the whole provenance/local/ethical bandwagon and they're not that kind of place so i don't know why they bother. anyway, it consisted of pork loin (overcooked) on a bed of spaetzle (underseasoned and a little tough) mixed with bacon, with some braised pork belly, random cookstown baby vegetables, and a little torchon of pork on top of a soft cracker and pommery mustard. this was another dish that was kinda meh. it wasn't the kind of thing were i ever closed my eyes and just lost myself in the dish and generally, for those kinds of prices...i certainly expect to!!!

the rest of the weekend was spent hanging with the family. we went to the unionville festival, which resulted in my little nephew being rather unimpressed at being subjected to the scorching heat. my niece got her face painted, but it was generally too hot to have fun, we were all wilting in the humidity.
today is my extra-long day and i'm packing a simple dinner of spinach salad with poppyseed dressing, fruits and veggies, and some potato salad. i might buy a falafel to supplement my dinnie if i get super-hungry, but i over-ate on the weekend and haven't been feeling like eating much since.


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