Sunday, June 10, 2007

bust-fest 2010

trying to find a place to go dancing in this city is brruuutal. well, at least it was for me, the roomie and the new bffffff. we all had VERY different agendas though and very different expectations. surprisingly, for all that i'm a hard-ass, picky mofo, i'm the most flexible out of them all. we got turned away from one place because i was wearing running shoes (which is probably my ONE sticking point: i really resent some lame club stuffed with 905ers telling ME how to dress. like, i'm sorry i'm not wearing head-to-toe aritzia and stilettos so that there's no physical way for me to outrun some lame-o computer programmer/investment banker looking to roofie me). then we tried a bunch of other places: too long a line, music isn't good, cover is too high, etc. etc. the new bfffff basically just wanted to be able to do the bump'n'grind and get some action and the roomie basically wants to be able to hear "it takes two" for less than 5 dollars in a club that's full (but not too full) with no dress code and no line. c'est impossible!!!

i saw a cute boy but as per usual he had a short weaselly friend cock-blocking him. what is WITH short boys with a touch of the chatz (those who know, know) thinking that talking obnoxiously is working for them? p.s. dude, you're not funny. now let me get my mack on.

last night's dinnie was fun fun fun!!! i'm bummed my fam missed it, because we went to the park after dinner with my friend who moved in upstairs (AWESOME!!!) to play frisbee and they were having a "summer solstice dance" in the hockey rink at withrow park. it was a bunch of kids dancing to a dj and there was a beer zone and everything for the grownups! my niece would have had the best time. boo. in other news, holy s**t: chocolate pudding pie is my new demi-god.

sunday breakfast is going to be a cheddar mushroom omelette (fritatta) with toast and an apple-cucumber-carrot-ginger juice. today me and the boy are going for a bike ride through the city and then it's dodgeball playoffs and then dinner up in markham for my grandparentals anniversary. busybusybusy.



kitsch:in:sync said...

when you get turned down for dress code they're doing you a favour. furthermore, those people who say "spontaneous nights are the best!" obviously have never been subjected to a night were nobody has planned anything in advance past "hey, let's do something tonight" and you spend the whole night line hopping, blowing mad ducats on cabs, eventually paying way too much cover to get into some vapid meat market none of you really like without enough time to even get sloppy before last call.

anyhow it sounds like you're slipping, partying on weekends is for tourists voxy! the best crowds are out mid-week spurred on by their collective dissent for the middling, weekend-centric existence everyone has sold their soul for...everyone knows work is going to be just as soul crushing and dismal as every other day so you might as well have had merry time the night before. if showing up to work on thursday morning with your friend's half-digested pita pit sacrifice on your chuck's is wrong then, by jove, i don't want to be right.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

who IS this dashing and debonair commentator in this refuge of the damned i call my blog?!?

kitsch:in:sync said...

tis but another humble servant of our zeitgeist who, like you, has also known the searing burn of the velvet rope's callous omission