Sunday, June 24, 2007

the bad boyfriend pays off (finally!)

our relationship to supermarket has finally taken a turn for the better. it's basically our abusive boyfriend. most of the times it's pretty bad, but then the odd time, the place is full, the music is good, and it's hard to forget all the bad times we've had. after a fun and sociable time at my friend's place for pre-drinks, we meandered over there, and the place was actually busy! and the tunes were aight (aight meaning they played "bonita applebaum - AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME - *cough* dr. rei *cough* and "o.p.p." and "push it"). that's an overexposed pic of me in our friend's car on the way over. there's nothing i love more (as i'm exceptionally unphotogenic) than blurry or overexposed pics of me.

you know what else is a ginormous ego-stroke? on saturday night some pretty cute dude tried to pick me up off the street and told me i looked like i was 21 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). best thing to happen on saturday night fo sho.

last night's dinnie was the boom boom. although i spoiled my supper by eating a square boy banquet burger at 2pm for a late lunch. but it tasted so goooood going down. the star of the show was definitely strawberry pie. it was fantastic! the crust was flaky and light and tender and had good flavour and the strawberry filling set up nicely, wasn't too watery, and wasn't too sweet. it was the essence of strawberries bound in my award-winning (self-adjudicated, not peer-reviewed) crust.

today the plan is to hit the driving range with the boy, although he's still not up yet, so i'm not sure how feasible this plan is, then come back and eat a sunday breakkie of blueberry buttermilk pancakes and bacon. then i'm going to a yoga class, coming home, and making dinnie for my mum and bro while my little bro moves in.

dinner tonight, if i end up cooking and we don't go out, is supposed to be a pasta with fried eggplant, tomatoes, olives and parm with bucatini and a side salad. strawberry pie for dessert, obvs.



dr.rei said...

your hair looks amaze. so does that PIE

kitsch:in:sync said...

oh man, when i was talking about wed night brockout a while ago i was referring specifically to the smarket. i love kicking it up at that place (mumps notwithstanding) let me know next time you and drei are heading down so i can get my aunt jackie on with the likes of your hoola hoop, chicken noodle soup. lindy hoppers unite!