Tuesday, May 22, 2007

you ain't never seen steppin' like this

"stomp the yard" is pretty much the best movie ever made. it just might be the quintessential dance movie in the teen-idiom. it has everything! there's a socially conscious storyline, the redemption of the main character, an emphasis on character building AND academic achievement, class issues, a romance that builds naturally and seems believable, likable characters, and most importantly, dance sequences that are effin AWESOME. there's like 10 different dance offs. i LOVE dance offs! i also LOVE people dancing in choreographed groups. steppin' is like military-based dance moves that also involve a percussive element. anyway, the next time people accuse me of over-intellectualizing movies and never enjoying fluff, "stomp the yard" is my ace in the hole.

it was also the perfect movie for our day of schluffing, whereupon i subsisted on a diet of cupcakes and pizza and coke and tv or tv-on-dvd. things i realized while watching much more music's "50 greatest guilty pleasures of all time": pop stars of yore were always way uglier (see air supply), way older, and way more normal looking than the pop stars of today; also, bonnie tyler's "total eclipse of the heart" and its accompanying video centre around an older woman's lament about feeling an inappropriate and insurmountable love for a much younger (like, young teenaged) boy. gross!

we also started watching "heroes". it's AWESOME! totally entertaining and it totally sucks you in. it's also much scarier than i had thought it would be.

tonight for dinner we're having those fried calamari sandwiches which had been postponed from a while ago. with sweet potato oven fries and a spinach salad.


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