Wednesday, May 23, 2007

rip, veronica mars

so they showed the last episode of veronica mars as we know it last night. it was a 2 hour episode so the bastids showed it an hour early. which makes no sense! so we ended up missing an hour and now we have to grab the torrent.

it's the end of an (admittedly short) era. when the show was good, it was really good. but i'm glad it's over now, because as schmee said, i would have kept watching it even as it spiraled further and further into the abyss of shark-jumping.

i'd try to post a youtube clip of epic moments in vmars, but for some reason youtube won't let me. if anyone knows how, holla at me!

tonight for dinner we're having perogies with sour cream, caramelized onions, and a big spinach salad.


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schmee said...

when the show was good i was ranting to everyone i knew about how they absolutely must watch it. i feel like season 3 has tainted all that and i can't in good conscience recommend seasons 1 and 2 despite their brilliance. i don't want to be responsible for setting someone else up for the huge disappointment that we've all felt as week to week the show becomes more and more of a joke.

so, i'm relieved that it's over and has freed me from its grips. veronica became that girl you once had a crush on in high school, but she went on to date a complete asswad and have a kid at 17, and yet for some reason you're still compelled to lurk on her facebook. not that i've ever done that. na'meen